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Hansen Dsouza

Thai Massage Practitioner (Non-Registered Massage Practitioner)

I am a Thai massage and Indian deep tissue massage practitioner. I received degree in Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Mumbai, India in 2011. Having been affected by a sedentary lifestyle of programming several hours by the computer and suffering from ailments of poor posture, I found that the well being of my body had a major contribution to the quality of life. I was motivated to finding effective treatment and techniques to heal and maintain a good quality of life. Travelling extensively in India, I attended and received several healing courses that helped me  to relieve body pain and maintain balance between the mind and body. Having experienced the positive effects of ancient healing and body massage, I am motivated to help clients live a pain free life and thus focus on doing what they do best.


  • Certificate in Thai Yoga Massage  at Thai Massage Toronto School , Toronto , Canada (2018)

  • Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Mumbai, India (2011)

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